The DigiX Development Board

It’s my first time to back a Kickstarter project and it felt really good to be part of a community that helps small/budding companies launch their products. I’ve seen so many awesome Kickstarter projects before but it always felt like they are too expensive for me or I don’t have any use for them.

So why DigiX? One thing that I really like about DigiX is the built-in WIFI module. You don’t need to buy another WIFI shield just to be able to connect to the internet. I’m a big fan of Internet-of-Things so having a built-in WIFI for something that is just few $$$ more expensive than a Due is a good bargain.

Another good selling point is the total number of I/O pins available for DigiX. It’s a whopping 99 I/O pins which means you can attach as many sensors as you want or as many servos as you wish. You’ll never run out of pins for your components. And above all, this development board is fully compatible with Arduino which means you can use Arduino IDE for your development and all shields for Due will likely be compatible with this as well.

I can’t wait to try this and try to build something connected to the internet.