Handy Poll made it into ADC 2 Top 200

Yesterday, while browsing through the android mailing list, I found out that Google has already released the result of the first round of Android Developer Challenge 2. Then I immediately checked my inbox for any email…….. argh, no new mail!!!!. Then I checked my Spam folder, and boom! There’s an email coming from ADC 2 Support saying that my app Handy Poll ADC2 made it into the Top 20 under the Productivity category.

Here’s the actual email I got from Google:

“Congratulations! Your application ‘Handy Poll ADC’ was selected by Android users as one of the top 20 in the Productivity category! We’re excited that you chose to participate in the ADC 2 and wish you luck in the final round as your application is evaluated by users and a panel of judges.”

Damn, I can’t describe my feelings during the first few seconds after reading the email.

Now, I want to have an idea of what kind of applications that I will be competing with under the Productivity/Tools category. So here they are:

  1. Alex Digital Secretary
  2. AppManager (ADC2-edition)
  3. Apps Organizer Adc
  4. CubeWorks
  5. Drocap
  6. Eclosion
  7. Event Flow
  8. FlingTap Done
  9. Fusion WebServer - Phone2Web
  10. Handcent Messaging
  11. Handy Poll ADC
  12. Hoccer ADC2
  13. Mobisle Notes
  14. NewsRoom
  15. Screebl
  16. Tasker
  17. taskTopia
  18. Thinking-Space
  19. Tracklet
  20. WaveSecure
It looks like I’ll be competing mostly with company-backed applications like WaveSecure and Handcent.

So, wish me luck :)

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